Friday, September 28, 2012

A Helpful Tool for Introducing an Important Subject to Children

Rosslyn Kanu’s ‘The Little Girl Called Princess’ can assist parents in explaining important safety rules to children, as well as sparking discussions about a difficult subject


Author Rosslyn Kanu addresses the important topic of missing kids in her children’s book, The Little Girl Called Princess: Princess, Where Are You?  Written for children, in a voice they can understand and relate to, The Little Girl Called Princess is a book that parents can read with their children to initiate conversations about rules and safety.

Princess has moved into the city with her family.  She is adored by all of them, especially her grandfather.  One night during a black-out, Princess goes missing, and it is up to her and her family to bring her home again, safe and sound.

The statistics for missing children are alarming; In America, more than 2,000 children are reported missing each day, according to the U.S: Department of Justice.  The ever-growing problem of missing children is one that parents need to address with their children, but all too often, the topic is sensitive, confusing, or upsetting for little ones, and parents are unsure where to start.
The Little Girl Called Princess is an excellent book for both parents and kids, and can help to introduce and start discussions about this crucial topic.  Reading this book together can also be a helpful way to initiate and explain rules about safety and strangers, as well as helping kids to understand the importance of knowing their own information, such as their address and phone number.

A gentle way to bring up a difficult subject, The Little Girl Called Princess is a perfect book for parents who are ready to introduce rules about safety, and ideal to help children understand a very confusing topic in a way they will be able to relate to and identify with.  Author Rosslyn Kanu has provided parents with a crucial tool in the process of helping their little ones grow up well and safely, and The Little Girl Called Princess is one they’ll be glad they read with their child.

Rosslyn Kanu
Rosslyn Kanu graduated from DeVry University in Houston, Texas, and obtained her bachelor’s degree in management.  She has also worked in the healthcare and retail industries for several years.  She wrote The Little Girl Called Princess for all of the missing children in the world, wanting to bring the topic home for both adults and kids and raise awareness of this growing problem.  She lives in Texas.

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