Monday, September 17, 2012

An Illuminating Revelation of Celestial Mechanics or the Cycles of Time

“The Purification Papers” is a genre-defying work that seeks to comprehend thousands of years of human history.

Religious scholar Daniel Briggs brings to light occulted truths about sacred and scientific calendar convergences currently taking place this year, turning point in our 26,000-year history. Although many people are becoming aware of the Mayan calendar now that it is 2012, equally as many are unaware that an 'age' is scientifically measureable and, as such, is truly ending, so that another can begin.

According to Briggs, the human calendar follows that of the precessional Great Year, an enormous 25,920 year cycle composed of 'nested fractals' that yield four distinct epochs of 6,480 years, each of those composed of a trinity of 2,160-year ages.  As all of these calendar divisions are coming to a close, transformational times are upon the human race. Briggs shows readers exactly how little-known religious texts and precessional calendars highlight the age of change and growth that is evident all over the world.

Daniel Briggs, manager and frequent contributor to Mandala Books, a well-known spiritual and metaphysical bookseller in Northern California, has spent more than a decade immersed in research, carefully studying and deciphering numerous important scriptures and scientific texts in order to bring this illuminating book to readers.

Defying genres and effortlessly interweaving the beliefs and religious scriptures of ancient Judeo-Christianity, the core precepts of Mahayana Buddhist sutras and the heady physics of multi-verse string theory, Briggs has condensed his research and bound it in a cohesive, understandable and clear manuscript - a living history for anyone who is seeking to know more about the age they are living in.

A profound work that will leave readers delighted and wondering about the world around them, The Purification Papers is not a light read, but an important one.  Many forgotten beliefs and prophecies are deciphered and applied to the current age in this comprehensive and enlightening tome.  

Daniel Briggs

Daniel Briggs was the manager of Mandala Books for over a decade.  He now operates their website,  An autodidact, he wrote The Purification Papers after more than a decade’s worth of research into forgotten religious prophecies and the celestial mechanics of cyclical time.

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Daniel Briggs

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