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A Chilling Collection of Haunting Stories


A Chilling Collection of Haunting Stories
 With ‘Four Corners Dark’, author William McNally takes readers to the darkest depths of the imagination

In Four Corners Dark, his spine-tingling collection of four equally chilling short stories, author William McNally takes readers on a walk through the darkest, hidden corners of the human imagination.  From the borders of Mexico to the Appalachian Mountains, Four Corners Dark weaves through the lands of this world into the foggy and haunting lands of the next.

In “Engine Eighteen”, a small group of Mexican immigrants make the trek across the border to start new lives, only to discover that the price of the lives they are leaving behind is higher than they can pay. 

“The Spinning Wheel” is the story of one man who is given a chance to change fate, but in order to do so, bizarre steps must be taken.  “Return to Nowhere” weaves the tale of a peculiar man who has the extraordinary ability to remake his life over and over, escaping his past time and again. “Raven Mocker”, the book’s novella masterpiece, introduces readers to a couple who accidentally stumble upon a dark and terrifying force along the thin line between life and death

The author’s exploration of the hidden corners of human minds and hearts know no limits in Four Corners Dark.  Fans of horror and suspense will find story after story that teeters on the brink between spooky and downright chilling, and will have nail-biting fun furiously turning the pages to reach the end of each fantastic tale.  Perfectly suited for anyone who loves to imagine a world beyond our own, Four Corners Dark is a spectacular novel from new author McNally.

   William McNally

Author William McNally is currently working on his next book, Beneath the Veil. A lover of all things horror and science fiction, he reads and watches everything he can get his hands on.  He lives in Dahlonega, Georgia with his wife, Lily, and their four rescue dogs.  The Kindle version of Four Corners Dark will be available for free on Amazon from August 30th until September 3rd. 

For more information, please visit http://www.williammcnallybooks.com/.

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