Monday, September 17, 2012

A One-of-a-Kind Adventure Readers can Sink their Teeth Into

Author Daniel Shields takes readers on a fun and fantastic thrill ride in ‘Shark & the Wolf: Predators and Prey’

Author Daniel Shields gives readers a fun and fantastic thrill ride with Shark & the Wolf: Predators and Prey.  A global adventure that’s been likened to “a cross between Planet of the Apes, The Hunger Games, and Indiana Jones”, Shark & the Wolf will delight lovers of the science fiction and fantasy genres with its outrageous adventure and whimsical plot.

In a world where animals have evolved steadily upward right next to humans, some of Earth’s inhabitants have begun to play a dangerous game.  Shaw, a billionaire casino magnate and self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Showman”, has just about finished work on a fascinating spectacle for visitors to his city, Las Vegas.  

Re-creating the wilds of the African savannah, the glorious and expansive Serengeti Resort and Casino is missing only one more piece: the main attraction for Shaw’s brainchild, the highest-stakes-of-all show Predators and Prey, needs a star.  Shaw finds that star in Shark, the world’s only Great White pool-playing shark.

When Shaw tries to garner Shark for his one-of-a-kind show, he realizes that there’s more to lose than his reputation.  Joining forces with the diabolical and cruel slave-trading hyena, Old Jack, Shaw attempts to capture the world’s most vicious predator and deliver him to Las Vegas for the world to see.  

Easier said than done, Shaw’s mission takes readers on a fast-paced and exciting adventure; from the wide plains of Africa to the beautiful beaches of Key West, from the breathtaking awe of the island of Fiji to the deep and dangerous jungles of South America, readers join Shaw for the most thrilling (and possibly last) adventure of his life.

Perfectly suited for anyone who loves to get lost in the amazing world of adventure books, Shark & the Wolf is a joyride through the greatest places on Earth, with danger around every corner and glory just over the next mountain.  Readers will love the imagination of Shields, whose love for animals and travel inspired this one-of-a-kind tale.

Daniel D. Shields

Daniel D. Shields was born and raised in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.  Now residing in the beautiful American Southwest, he enjoys travel, adventure, and spending time with his Yorkshire terrier, Charlie.  Shields is the co-founder of LiquidWick Pool Cues, famous for it’s revolutionary LiquidWick True Stick, and uses his passion for billiards as an imaginative backdrop for his fantastical adventure story, Shark &the Wolf.  

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