Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Fun Ride through the Hidden Paranormal World of the FBI

Erin R. Flynn’s ‘Accidentally Wolf’ gives readers a sexy and fascinating
new heroine with a less-than-ordinary background

Author Erin R. Flynn gives readers a hot and inventive new look at the paranormal with the
mystery, Accidentally Wolf. A fast-paced and unique ride through the supernatural world,
Flynn’s novel is a creative new take on the genre.

Seraphine Thomas, Special Agent in Charge at the FBI, loves her work. One of the youngest
female agents with her own team, she takes her job seriously and thrives during her undercover
assignments, determined to make her city safer. All of that is about to change, though, when one
night, Seraphine is attacked during a bust gone horribly wrong. Shortly afterward, she wakes
up in a paranormal hospital and is informed that she has contracted lycanthropy, werewolf to be

Transferred to a special branch of the FBI made up of different paranormals policing others of
their kind, Seraphine pushes past what has happened to her and begins learning what it means to
be a werewolf. With her newfound abilities already much stronger than they should be, she must
first figure out who she can truly trust before these new rules make the game too dangerous for

her to play. Despite the obstacles she has to overcome, she quickly gains a list of allies, namely
her new team and a vampire minion. Unfortunately, being her friend and being on her side turn
out to be two completely separate things.

Well-written, with a creative edge that redefines the paranormal crime mystery, Accidentally
Wolf is a fantastic read for anyone who is a lover of the genre. With fleshed-out characters and
a world that carries just enough realism to be believable, Flynn’s novel is a success all around,
already garnering fans across the internet anxiously awaiting her next supernatural novel.

Erin R. Flynn

Erin R. Flynn, the real name of author Joyee Flynn, has written more than 70 paranormal erotic
romance books. Deciding to expand her exploration into the supernatural, she began to add
mystery and murder with a sexy edge to her impressive writing resume. She spends her days
curled up on an over-stuffed chair with her 8-year-old Weimaraner, Marius, at her feet, using her
vivid imagination to bring life to her characters. Originally from Chicago, she now lives near the
beautiful Rocky Mountains.

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