Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A World that Could Be

Author Jeffrey Hopkins delivers a post-apocalyptic thrill ride that readers will race through with ‘The Gideons’

The Gideons, author Jeffrey Hopkins’ post-apocalyptic novel, will thrill lovers of the science fiction and fantasy genres with its world of wonder and bizarre custom.  Written in an astonishingly astute tone, it’s a dark and mesmerizing look at the direction that humankind could end up.

Raised in a strange and enigmatic cult, Isaac is thrown out and exiled when he discovers far too much about their bizarre adult rites.  Venturing out, scared and alone, into a chilling post-apocalyptic world, he begins to meet people that change his view of the world drastically from the one he was taught to believe.

The world is now peopled with skilled forest hunter-gatherers, illuminated members of the legendary Institute that are incredibly scientifically advanced, and denizens of the Multi-verse that are out of this world.  Isaac must learn to find his way in a world that was previously unknown to him, and learn to live in a humanity he never knew existed.  When his wife, Deer, disappears, he must track her down at all costs.  

In a land where the logic of the bible is utilized by a formidable alien species to demonstrate their threatening sovereignty over all of the creatures of the Universe, mankind no exception, a strange and unsettling life has unfolded, and Isaac must fight through it, learning along the way what has become of mankind and the world that once was.

Interwoven with deeper themes of humanity’s true place in the Universe, and dismissing entirely the notion that Bible was truly written by a benevolent God for mankind’s instruction, The Gideons is a darkly fascinating look at the way the world could be headed, and postulates a way out of the mess created by mankind.  A post-apocalyptic thrill ride, readers will love the serious questions posed by The Gideons, and will find themselves held captive by the pages until they’ve reached the end.

Jeffrey Hopkins

A member of the U.S. Army who is currently on active duty, Jeffrey Hopkins spends much of his free time writing and researching.  Garnering the inspiration for The Gideons over a seventh-grade dinner table conversation, in which his younger brother posed a very profound question, Hopkins was sent on a journey that led him from belief to scientific skepticism.  Looking to write a book about the conflict of religion and science that could also entertain, Hopkins succeeded with The Gideons, now available for readers everywhere.  His other novel, Broken Under Interrogation, is also available through Hard Oak Press.  He is currently working on his next two novels and assisting with the screen adaptation of Broken Under Interrogation.

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