Friday, September 7, 2012

Non-Fiction: Flight of the Forgotten by Mark Vance

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The story of the Jack B. Ketchum crew is one with which few Americans are familiar, as it is one of our nation’s most closely guarded secrets, buried under decades of lies and cover-ups.  In his book, Flight of the Forgotten: A True Story of Heroism and Betrayal, Mark Alan Vance publicly exposes one of history’s dirtiest secrets.

Fifteen American airmen were murdered on their way home after World War II by the forerunner to the CIA, the O.S.S.  Although the crash of their B-24 plane has been termed an accident by the government and military, Vance argues that the official story is in place to hide time-bombs that were placed on the plane prior to its crash, off the Northwest coast of Scotland.  In Flight of the Forgotten, he expands on their true story by bringing them back from the dead to solve the mystery of their murders.

As the nephew of Sergeant Raymond Davis, one of the murdered crewmen, Vance has dedicated his life to uncovering and exposing this story of betrayal that the government would rather keep secret.  In his quest for the truth, Vance has encountered intense opposition from the military and governmental authorities who are protecting the secrets of the lost crew.  Vance calls sharing the story of the Jack B. Ketchum crew with surviving family members and increasing public awareness of their forgotten sacrifices, his “primary mission in life.”

Vance’s story is one of patriotism, sacrifice, betrayal, and conspiracy.  It is a thought provoking and deeply moving work to which anyone who has lost a loved one under tragic circumstances can relate. 

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