Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fools Poll: 2012’s Most Interesting Election

Richard Wall’s timely novel, ‘Fools Poll’, is the story of an eccentric and entertaining political candidate that readers will wish they could find on their ballot

Author Richard Wall gives readers a fun, fast-paced, and surprisingly astute work of political fiction with Fools Poll.  A page-turning work of art, Fools Poll will leave readers wondering, “What if?”  With the election approaching and Americans less-than-satisfied with the candidates who they have been offered to choose from, Fools Poll is a timely story that is certain to hit home with American voters.

Kirkus Reviews is enthusiastic about Wall’s story; “Wall’s tale has the feel of a Frank Capra movie with Southern gothic shades, starring an eccentric hero whose head gets wised up but whose good heart never flags as he battles both the sinister powers that be and his batty, bloodcurdling sister . . .this rousing political page-turner won’t fail to entertain—maybe even inspire.”

Hector Lawrence has never done much to write home about.  He is house-kept by his unfriendly and self-righteous sister Lola, who has managed to cheat him out of his family’s fortune, and he can barely button his own shirt on a good day.  However, when he realizes that he is just plain fed-up with the way the world around him is going, he makes a decision that startles everyone around him – he decides to run for the U.S. House of Representatives as an independent.

Initially, the two reigning parties deem him an unthreatening eccentric, but his charismatic, friendly demeanor, his tenacity, and his unexpected guerilla campaign soon begin to ignite a spark of hope in all of those who are frustrated with the dysfunctional world of politics – and that’s pretty much everyone.

Richard Wall has written a colorful underdog in Hector Lawrence that will have readers wishing they could actually cast a vote for him.  His clever look at American politics makes for a perfect read for anyone who has found themselves exasperated at the two-party system that dominates the country.

Kirkus Reviews cites the colorful cast of characters as part of the book’s appeal; “Surrounding Hector is a diverse, sharply drawn cast of characters, from doting matrons and 30-something lonely hearts to skeevy perverts and gum-snapping teens, all brought vividly to life by the author’s well-crafted, empathetic prose. Despite its cynicism toward party establishment, Wall’s fable is positively giddy and engrossing in its portrayal of old-fashioned electioneering.”  Whether readers love good political fiction or just a well-written story with compelling characters, Fools Poll is certain to please.

The author’s uncanny ability to write eccentric characters with more than a touch of reality to each has readers raving about this entertaining and fun work of political fiction.  Providing a surprising hero of an underdog that they can truly root for, readers will thoroughly enjoy the unintentional successes of Fools Poll’s Hector, and will find themselves turning pages in a fury to find out where his adventured lead him.  

Richard Wall is a freelance writer and television producer.  His unique background as everything from a construction laborer to a journalist lends itself to his wonderfully enjoyable characters and creative storylines.  He currently lives in Colorado, where he works on his website, and enjoys being outside.  

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