Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Memories That Shape Us

John DeJesus’ memoir, ‘Taco’ is a beautiful story told with a clear and vivid voice

Author John DeJesus brings readers a delightful and moving story about a young boy growing up on the streets of Brooklyn with his book, Taco.  An entertainingly whimsical tale mingled with stories of both heartache and laughter, Taco will enrapture readers with its young protagonist who is at least loosely based on the author himself.

The story of a young Puerto Rican boy growing up in Brooklyn in the 1970’s, Taco is a collection of stories taken straight from the author’s youth.  In one instance, the boy simply wants to sell snow cones to the people in his neighborhood, in order to bring joy and smiles to their lives, even though his own is surrounded by sadness and heartbreak.

Interwoven with deeper themes of family ties, love, survival, and growing where you have been planted, Taco is written with beautiful descriptions of the Brooklyn streets and those who live on them.  Stories of neighborhood adults watching out for the kids as they play and go to school leave readers calling it “heart-warming” and “utterly delightful”.

Told with “zesty and endearing innocence”, Taco is written with the author’s colorful and vibrant reminisces about his own childhood and the people who shaped his life.  Lush narration written with obvious fondness for the story will draw readers in to this lovely book, one they’ve deemed “impossible to put down until it is finished”.

John DeJesus, a clear lover of words and enigmatic prose, has given readers something worth reading, and they will be absolutely swept up in the recollections of DeJesus’ childhood home of Brooklyn and the candor with which they are written.

John E. DeJesus

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Brooklyn, DeJesus displayed a love of writing at the tender age of ten years old.  A writer of screenplays, he has published two books, the second of which is the wildly popular Taco.  He now lives in New Jersey, and his motto has always been “You’re never old to start something new”.  Taco is now available on Amazon in both kindle and paperback editions.

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  1. Excellent!! Took me right back to my childhood. You sir, are a very talented writer.


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