Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Dishonest

Author Lexie Thornton draws on her experience to help eBay sellers in ‘Good Sellers, Bad Buyers’

Author Lexie Thornton, inspired by her own experiences as a seller on eBay for more than a decade, has brought readers a helpful and handy guide with her book, Good Sellers, Bad Buyers: Protecting Yourself on eBay.

While selling items on eBay can be a great and lucrative way to make part-time or full-time work, there are numerous instances of sellers getting “burned” by buyers who didn’t have the best of intentions.  Thornton’s Good Sellers, Bad Buyers focuses on different aspects of the eBay experience that most first-time sellers may not be aware of when they start out.

The first part of this guide lists the most common scams perpetuated against sellers and includes the multiple variations of them that can be found in the online world of eBay.  The scams are utilized by bad buyers who are looking to garner refunds they don’t deserve, and internet criminals who are intentionally trying to scam sellers who may not know what they’re up to.

Part Two of this useful book covers the ways a seller can protect their fledgling (or established) eBay business before, during, and after each eBay sale is made.  In addition, Thornton offers tips and advice on setting up a seller’s automated eBay seller protections, the rights of a seller on eBay, and how to report a bad buyer and use customer service to turn a bad buyer into a good one.  Lastly, Thornton provides ways to get low ratings or negative feedback removed or revised, which can greatly help a seller’s reputation.

An absolute must-read for anyone who is looking to begin their own eBay business or anyone who currently has one established online, Good Sellers, Bad Buyers is an essential guide for buyers who want to protect themselves and their merchandise against those buyers who might be looking to exploit them or their services.

Lexie Thornton

As a seller on eBay for fifteen years, Lexie Thornton has had her share of the good, the bad, and the disastrous. Taking her experiences as a seller and using them to help others who are interested in the eBay business world, she wrote Good Sellers, Bad Buyers as a guide to protecting sellers and assisting them to make the most out of their business.  Thornton sells on eBay full-time, and loves her job.


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