Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Phenomenal Fast-Paced Thriller

Author David Grace’s ‘The Concrete Kiss’ is a triumph  for the mystery thriller genre

Author David Grace’s The Concrete Kiss is an excellent work of police fiction that combines the genres of crime, mystery, and thriller for a spectacular, fast-paced result that will have readers furiously turning pages to reach the conclusion.

Homicide-detective Ned Danes is a good cop.  Discovering that the prosecutor has concealed crucial evidence that would exonerate an innocent man in a headline-grabbing bid to further the D.A.’s career, Danes can’t stay silent. 

Knowing that going public is a career-ender, but unable to see an innocent man convicted of a murder he did not commit and a vicious killer allowed to go free, Detective Danes exposes the D.A.’s cover-up.  For his inconvenient honesty Danes is  banished to the basement office of the cold-case squad where he becomes determined to catch the real killer, a monster who is already looking for his next victim.

In the middle of his hunt, a desperate call comes from an old friend, an FBI agent on the brink of forced retirement.  In only sixty days FBI Agent Phillip Abbott will be out of the Bureau, and before goes he has a promise to keep – finding the drug-cartel hit man who murdered his adopted daughter’s entire family.   Abbott can’t do it alone. He knows that he will need an honest cop like Ned Danes at his side if he’s going to have any chance of bringing the assassin-for-hire to justice.

Suspenseful, exciting, and full of twists and turns that will leave readers shocked and breathless, The Concrete Kiss is a wonderful addition to the police procedural crime-thriller genre.  Author David Grace’s excellent character development and believable plot lines will draw readers in until they simply cannot put the book down.

David Grace

David Grace  is the author of 13 novels and five collections of short stores. A writer of mystery and crime fiction his novels include Doll’s Eyes , A Death In Beverly Hills, Shooting Crows At Dawn, Stolen Angel, Easy Target, True Faith and  Fever Dreams.  Raised in upstate New York, with degrees from Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley, Mr. Grace now resides in Palo Alto, California.

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