Monday, September 10, 2012

A Must-Read Examination of the Real Cause of the Global Financial Crisis

In ‘Crisis by Design’, author John Truman Wolfe exposes the coup d'état that led to the Global Financial Crisis and the former Nazi bank behind the current financial suppression

John Truman Wolfe’s Crisis by Design: the Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup has fast become an Amazon Best Seller, and it is easy to see why, given in the current state of the economy that has many floundering in debt and desperately looking for answers.

An in-depth and hard-hitting look at the current state of financial affairs, Crisis by Design exposes the quiet, carefully orchestrated series of events that led to an assault on the U.S. dollar and the American economy as a whole. Wolfe names names, and chronicles the events that have put the control of the world markets into the hands of those that most people would never expect.

With the author’s background of more than two decades as a senior bank officer and financial manager to some of the biggest names in Hollywood, his research uncovered the entity behind the financial crisis and the oppressive control of today’s economy – an entity about which few people have heard.  If December 7, 1941 was a Day that will live in infamy, Wolfe exposes how events of April 2nd, 2009, was a similar – but covert - attack on America. On this day, the fiscal autonomy of the United States and several other countries was put into the hands of the most powerful bank in the world - a bank with a very questionable history.

Crisis by Design provides the elusive answers for those who need them the most – the public.

With reader reaction that is overwhelmingly positive, Wolfe’s exposé is quickly becoming a must-read for every member of the American public.  This documentation of one of the most astonishing power-grabs in history details events that the public needs to know in order to change their personal financial conditions and the conditions of the world in which they live.  Carefully documented and clearly written for the man on the street, Crisis by Design: the Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup will leave readers shocked at the turn of events that happened underneath their noses, and ready to reclaim the control of the economy that they built.

John Truman Wolfe

Author of the internationally acclaimed Tom McKenna private eye series, Wolfe’s first novel in the series, Mind Games, was the winner of the Independent Newspaper’s Golden Plume Award for Fiction.  Turning his attention to current events and drawing upon his background as a senior credit officer for two California banks, his shocking exposé of the global financial coup has readers everywhere raving about his talents.  He lives with his wife, Barbara, and their Akita, Sensei, in Los Angeles.

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