Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Innovative Solution to an Ever-Growing Problem

Dr. Frans Verhagen’s ‘The Tierra Solution’ is no longer simply idealistic or academic, but a realistic and necessary answer to the problems of climate change and global financial crisis

Dr. Frans C. Verhagen poses an innovative and entirely feasible solution to the worldwide problems of climate change and financial crisis in his book, The Tierra Solution: Resolving Climate Change through Monetary Transformation.  

Using an entirely innovative answer to the world’s current largest troubles, The Tierra Solution may have seemed radical or been dismissed even a few years ago.  However, with the increasing threat of economical collapse and the evidence of climate change growing and coming further to the forefront of social consciousness as each day passes, an answer must be found.  The Tierra Solution provides just such an answer.

A seemingly bizarre but truthfully very workable solution, the Tierra Solution itself proposes that a new banking system be formed – one that does not deal with creating more cash money; instead, a carbon standard for the international monetary system with the Tierra as its unit of account, and a credit-based financial system governed by a Global Central Bank.

Not more than a few years ago, this solution may have been touted as academic, or far too idealistic.  Now that the state of the world has changed dramatically, and will continue to do so, the Tierra solution is being heralded as “a visionary and immensely practical approach to today’s bubble finance”.

Verhagen’s The Tierra Solution is being called “a must-read for everyone who cares about the fate of the Earth”.  Written for citizens who are concerned about the condition of the planet, as well as economists and public officials, The Tierra Solution will appeal to anyone who wishes to combat the economic crises and climate change with innovative solutions.  Already generating praise for its answer to the ever-growing problems people are facing, The Tierra Solution is both innovative and inspiring, and Verhagen’s solution will mark a change in the way that the problems the world faces are dealt with.

Dr. Frans C. Verhagen
Frans Verhagen is a sustainability sociologist with a PhD in the sociology of international development from Columbia University.  He founded the Queens Green Party, the Riverside Church Ecology Task Force, the Ecolinguistics Commission, and the International Institute for Monetary Tranformation (  He has worked both around the world and online, teaching environmental policies and sustainability.  

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