Friday, September 21, 2012

A Fairytale Wedding Steeped in Untraditional Tradition

Author Theresa Braun delights readers with her unique love story, ‘Groom and Doom’

A quirky and untraditional love story, author Theresa Braun’s Groom and Doom: A Greek Love Story will have readers immersed in the fascinating world of the Greek wedding and all that comes with it.

Expecting her lifelong dream of her happily-ever-after to come true when she meets Stavros, Angela has no idea what she’s really in for when she agrees to a traditional Greek wedding.  After a tarot reading pronounces her fairytale life “doomed”, she begins to fret over her future and begins questioning the choices she has made before and the ones she is about to make with her vows.

Arriving in Greece for the big day, Angela finds herself hounded by her overbearing father-in-law, Georgius.  A man who recently lost his wife, he feels that the wedding should not happen, as Stavros’ mother only died eleven months before the nuptials, and tradition states that the family should mourn for twelve.  When the newlyweds finally escape to Venice for their honeymoon, their problems seem to follow them, as Angela, traumatized by the outrageousness of her Greek family-in-law, begins to think she spots Georgius in every crowd.

Full of bizarre characters and strange feuds – over cars, rooms, and places at the dinner table – Groom and Doom will have readers which side of divorce Angela will land on once the flurry of her special day finally winds down and she finds herself a member of an unusual family.  A delightful read, Groom and Doom will have readers flipping through pages in a fury, trying to guess what will happen, until they reach the surprising conclusion.

A tale of love, family, traditions we hold to, and the sacrifices we make, Groom and Doom: A Greek Love Story is a perfect fall read to curl up with and enjoy.

Theresa Braun

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Theresa Braun brings some of that well-earned Northern hardiness to her characters and her life.  Her book, Groom and Doom, is a fictionalized account based on the very real events of her own Greek love story.  Now residing in South Florida, Braun is an English teacher and adjunct college professor, bringing her love of all things literary into the classroom to share with her students.  She loves to travel, and manages to find time to write, paint, and even ghost hunt when she can.

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