Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Satirical Novel full of Charm, Wit, and More than a few Surprises

Kevin Pilkington’s ‘Summer Shares’ will remind readers of themselves, using both satire and nostalgia to make the characters come alive.

Author Kevin Pilkington’s satirical novel, Summer Shares, is an astute look into the mind of one young man’s emotional journey towards self-worth and maturity as he takes a holiday with friends and finds himself along the way.

Set in the summer of 1981, a time when the popularity of the Hamptons was just beginning to bloom and before it became the elite locale that it is today, Summer Shares is the story of Chris McCauley, a heartbroken man who just wants to heal from the pain of his last breakup.  Deciding to take a vacation to the Hamptons with a few friends, McCauley tries to use this holiday escape to move past his ex, Laura.

The other members of the summer home vacation are seen through Chris’ eyes, and readers meet them through his perceptions; each is restless, passionate, and searching desperately for their “significant other”.  Their personal dramas unfold with the beaches, parties, and luxurious locations of the Hamptons as a backdrop, lending nostalgia and glamour to a phenomenal story of self-realization.  

With a potential romance on the horizon for Chris, and a charming inner dialogue reminiscent of Salinger, his story is told in a series of entertaining and often humorous flash backs, replete with hidden insecurities, vulnerabilities, and the male ego as it takes its place in the ever-widening world of Chris’ self discovery.  With twists, turns, and a shocking event that brings the housemates closer to themselves and their impending futures, Summer Shares is a glorious, well-written, and easily relatable tale told by a man that readers will recognize as an extension of themselves or someone they know.

Summer Shares is charmingly satirical, and grapples with the social and sexual issues that are faced by a group of young New Yorkers on the verge of adulthood.  

Pilkington’s novel should not be missed, and readers will revel in the spectacularly entertaining dialogue of protagonist McCauley as he finds his way through loss, passion, love, and a summer that will shape the man he is about to become.  

Kevin Pilkington

Kevin Pilkington is an award-winning poet.  He has published six collections of poetry, among them Ready to Eat the Sky, In the Eyes of a Dog, and Spare Change, which won the La Jolla Press National Book Award.  He is a member of the writing faculty at Sarah Lawrence.  The inspiration for his novel, Summer Shares, came through during several vacations in the Hamptons, during which he met more than a few interesting and eccentric individuals that he felt deserved a book of their own.

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