Friday, September 7, 2012

A Fascinating Glimpse of Humanity

Thomas Matthew’s ‘Cuquita’ is a moving and powerful novel about a visitor to the human race

Author Thomas Matthew’s debut novel, Cuquita, is an inspiring and beautiful novel that puts the human race, and the way it lives, into startling new perspective.

Cuquita, the titular character, is travelling far from her home world.  When she becomes stranded on Earth, her only refuge comes in the form of a kind farmer and his wife.  Cuquita’s wonder and amazement at the many facets of human life define her experience, and adjusting to the Earth and the people who live on it becomes her greatest challenge yet.

Doing everything she can to conceal the secret of her true identity, she must quickly learn to adapt and blend in with the human race, which simply views her as a visitor from another continent, instead of an advanced being from light years away.  However, when threats to those she loves and the human race as a whole become far too much for her to bear, Cuquita must make a decision: reveal her origins and save the human race from itself, or hide from her destiny and keep her true self a secret.

Deeply interwoven with themes of love, loyalty, and understanding that span both race and humanity, Cuquita is a startlingly observant novel that examines the human condition as a whole.  Cuquita’s perspective is a fascinating one, as she sees and feels everything human for the first time.  Cuquita herself touches the hearts and minds of everyone that she meets, and the novel will surely do the same for avid lovers of the fantasy and science fiction genres.  Readers will find themselves anxiously awaiting the sophomore effort from this promising and exciting new author.

Thomas Matthew

First-time author Thomas Matthew owned and ran a small business for most of his life, spending his free time traveling and seeing all that the world has to offer.  When he semi- retired, his lifelong dream of becoming a writer finally became realized.  Now living a quiet, peaceful life in the countryside of central, Texas, Matthew hopes to continue to write.  Inspired by the works of Carl Sagan and the wonder of astronomy itself, Cuquita is his first novel.


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