Monday, September 24, 2012

The Cost of Standing Up for What is Right

David J. Holleman’s Blue Baja reveals the cost of standing up for what is right in corrupt parts of the world, as narcotics detective, Alfonso Corrales, attempts to stand up to avaricious and brutal drug lord, Luis Huerta.  Corrales’ quest for truth and justice will eventually cost him everything that he holds dear and will threaten not only his life, but the lives of everyone around him.

When Corrales becomes a narcotics detective, he is warned, “all the roads leading to narcotics in Baja go in one direction, and the name of that road is Huerta.”  Knowing the danger, Corrales methodically lays out a case against Huerta; however, he soon discovers that the “talons of Luis Huerta clutched deeply into the Tiajuana police department,” as most of the police officers are either corrupt or threatened to accept bribery.  

Those who do not accept Huerta’s bribes find themselves and their families victims of horrifying violence and Corrales is no exception.  Within one month of becoming a detective, Huerta is gathering as much information as he can about the detective who is challenging his autocratic rule.  Corrales receives a mysterious phone call telling him that he is like a “fly” and that flies “get swatted,” warning him, “that is going to happen to you if you don’t quit this nonsense about Huerta.”

As Huerta begins to make good on this threats, Corrales finds himself in a terrifying world of deception, corruption, and brutality, where justice and truth are completely disregarded.  Holleman’s writing illuminates the difficulty in bringing the ruthless to justice, reflecting the real struggles that are faced when one attempts to stand up to the corrupt, whether it is in the Mexican drug cartels, or against dictators and others who enforce their rule with violence.  Blue Baja is a stunning work that explores many deep themes resonating in the world around us.

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