Monday, October 1, 2012

An Intriguing New Courtroom Drama

Frank R. Southers shines a light into the little-known underworld of lawyer discipline with the first book in his new series, ‘The Grievance Committee—Book One’

Frank R. Southers introduces readers to the Texas Lawyer Discipline System with his new novel, The Grievance Committee--Book One.  Southers uses his own experiences inside the system to bring life to the characters and situations he portrays, giving readers a first-hand peek into this little-known world.

Alexandra is a serial shoplifter.  Despite that, she expects to be taken seriously when she requests that the Grievance Committee of San Antonio, Texas, discipline her court-appointed lawyer for his misconduct.  Alexandra feels as though he tricked her into sleeping with him, and she wants someone to do something about it.

However, the lawyer’s defense counsel has every intention of making her out to be both a thief and a liar, claiming that her charges are false, and driven by Alexandra’s spite from a broken love affair between herself and her lawyer.  In addition, they insist that Texas law does not prohibit counselors from sleeping with their clients, making Alexandra’s claim even more difficult to prove.  

As the case moves through the system, Alexandra discovers that there are two other women who faced the same trouble with the lawyer, and she must convince them that the time is now for them to stand with her and fight the subjugation they’ve faced.  Between the defense counsel’s tactics, the lawyer’s priest, and threats to the women, they find themselves met with doubt by those they turn to for help, even as the case moves to jury trial in front of a judge who has something to hide.

An intriguing look into the world of the Texas Grievance Committee, The Grievance Committee--Book One is the first in Southers’ new series intended to highlight the committee itself.  A fast-paced read for anyone who enjoys a courtroom procedural, The Grievance Committee--Book One will leave readers anxious for the second installment of this profound new series.

Frank Southers
Frank Southers is extremely familiar with the Texas Lawyer Disciplinary System, having served on the Grievance Committee for more than ten years.  He was also a trial lawyer for many years, witnessing the ins and outs of the Texas judicial system.  He is writing his Grievance Committee series in an effort to acquaint people with the Texas Grievance process.

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