Wednesday, October 3, 2012

“A Lonely Place for Dying” Single from the Award-Winning Film of the Same Name is Now Available

Brent Daniels’s original motion picture maxi-single, ‘A Lonely Place for Dying’, from the award-winning film by the same name, is now available

The maxi-single for the title song A Lonely Place for Dying, featured in the award-winning film of the same name, is now available. Featuring the original version of the titular song, as well as three different remixes, this maxi-single has wide appeal to fans of all music genres.

The original, written and performed by Brent Daniels, is a 70’s inspired acid rock anthem that layers Daniels’ husky voice with inspired guitar, classic drums, and a tune that is at once sorrowful and searching. The perfect soundtrack for a ghost town, this original version is perfect for radio play.

Brent Daniels’ own remix is a harder, rougher version of the song, reminiscent of a young Nine Inch Nails. Slightly industrial and intensely striking, the first remix on the single carries the hollow despondence of the lyrics to a new level. Daniel Lenz masters the third track, introducing a more dance-heavy beat, playing on Daniels’ resonant, melodic voice to carry his backbeats, giving a popular twist to the original song. The last track, set by Bern Locker, both highlights and pressurizes the guitar, making the riffs heavier, while allowing the drums from the original to seep through the haunting sound of the vibration guitar work.

Aptly suited to the film for which it was written, A Lonely Place for Dying is a stand-out song for writer Daniels. Thanks to the brilliance of adding the wide-ranging spectrum of remixes to the maxi-single, this song will absolutely appeal to fans of all genres of music.

The film for which the song was written, also named A Lonely Place for Dying, has garnered startling amounts of praise from the independent film circuit. On its ambitious, 46 official selection two year run, it has gained 53 nominations, winning 29, including 18 for Best Picture.

A cold-war spy thriller centering on a KGB mole with information that could devastate the CIA if it ever came to light, A Lonely Place for Dying stars Academy Award nominee James Cromwell, Michael Wincott, and Ross Marquand. Directed by Justin Eugene Evans and produced by James Cromwell, it’s a film that has been thrilling critics and audiences alike, and will be hitting select theaters in the States this fall, as well as being made available worldwide in December on iTunes and Amazon.

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