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Murder, Mayhem, and Political IntrigueMurder, Mayhem, and Political Intrigue

Best-selling author Greg Messel will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page with his newest novel, ‘Deadly Plunge’

Best-selling author Greg Messel gives readers the highly anticipated sequel to his previous novel, Last of the Seals, in this exciting and fast-paced mystery crime story, Deadly Plunge.  Once again, readers will be drawn in to the mysterious world of private investigator Sam Slater as her races against time to find the answer to his biggest questions yet.

When a rich widow walks into his office swearing that her wealthy, successful husband didn’t commit suicide, Sam decides to take her case, unaware that the leads he’s about to follow are going to lead him on a dark and twisted path that will put his life, and the life of his secret love, Amelia Ryan, in danger.  Even though the dead man’s body was found floating in the deep waters of the bay and his car was parked on the Golden Gate Bridge, everyone who knew him swears he would never take the jump.  Determined to get to the bottom of things, Sam and Amelia begin to uncover the hidden pieces of the dead man’s life.  Among those pieces is a beautiful, old Victorian house; one even his widow did not know he owned.  Once Sam and Amelia begin investigating the house, they are on a path to disaster, as the political intrigue begins to unfold and men who don’t want them to tell any tales are on their heels.  Sam and Amelia must unearth the dead man’s secrets if they want to get out of this alive, and they’re running out of time.

A brilliant novel that pulls readers into the glamorous world of 1958 San Francisco, Deadly Plunge is not only a sequel; it works perfectly as a stand-alone novel for first-time readers of Messel’s work.  Sure to please those who read Last of the Seals and entice newcomers to Slater’s world to read more of his story, Deadly Plunge is a thrilling ride through mystery, murder, mayhem, and some well-kept political secrets.

Greg Messel

Greg Messel is the author of Expiation, The Illusion of Certainty: A Modern Romance, and Sunbreaks.  As a young man, Messel was an award-winning columnist, garnering himself a Wyoming Press Association award for his work with the Daily Rocket-Miner newspaper.  After a 27 year career with Pacificorp, Messel returned to his first love, writing, in 2008.

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Sam Slater Mystery Adventure Trilogy
Deadly Plunge is the second release in Greg Messel’s Sam Slater Mystery Adventure Trilogy, a unique, genre-spanning series that is filled with everyone from baseball players to mobsters to socialites to TWA flight attendants.  The Sam Slater Mystery Adventure Trilogy is centered on protagonist Sam Slater, a minor league baseball player turned private eye.


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