Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fitness from the Inside Out

Fitness gurus Daniel Loigerot and Elina Kaminsky share their secrets for a fit body the healthy way in ‘21: 2 Experts, 1 Goal’

The average person is looking for results when it comes to their fitness.  Seeing a change as soon as possible can help them to stay on track and continue with their fitness regimen.  Unfortunately, most fitness plans don’t allow for the unique differences in each person’s body type, making a visible difference harder and harder to come by.  All of that is about to change with 21: 2 Experts, 1 Goal (21 Days to Transform Your Body), the new guide to being truly healthy, from authors Daniel Loigerot and Elina Kaminsky.

Gone are the days of the “one-size-fits-all” fitness routine: introducing readers to the many different body types, Loigerot and Kaminsky define the different needs of each type, helping readers truly tailor their fitness regimen to themselves.  The book begins with a nutritional guide, helping readers to begin from the inside and work their way out, as healthy eating is the true cornerstone of any successful body improvement regimen.

21 will help those who are looking to improve their stamina, build their strength, lose weight, and prevent chronic diseases by walking them through an easy-to-apply solution that will work for them.  Additionally, these routines are simple to follow, so much so that continued application even after 21 days is simple.  Loigerot and Kaminsky instruct readers on how to exercise more effectively and eat more flavorfully, to improve their overall experience of the fitness regimen, helping them to see results faster, feel better about their bodies quicker, and stick to the plan for even more improved body tone and health.

Perfect for readers who are looking to incorporate healthy eating into their fitness regimen, and for anyone searching for a way to successfully change their lifestyle, 21: 2 Experts, 1 Goal is an ideal fitness guide that is tailored to the individual needs of readers.

Daniel Loigerot

Danile Loigerot has over two decades worth of experience to share with the fitness community.  He has owned and managed fitness centers in both the U.S: and France.  He has worked with many celebrities at DLFit, and his expertise and work have been featured in many prominent publications, including Self, TimeOut New York, InStyle, People and US Weekly.  Additionally, he has appeared on multiple popular television programs to share his knowledge of fitness with America.  He is currently working on the development of Daniel Loigerot Inc., which focuses on providing Health, Wellness, and Stress Management Programs through the DLFit Brand.

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