Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Secrets to Life, Success, and Happiness

Scott F. Paradis gives readers the keys to success in life with his guide,Success 101: How Life Works’

 Author Scott Paradis shares his insight with readers in his book Success 101: How Life Works-Know the Rules, Play to Win.  A clear, concise, and easily relatable guide exposes the mystery and shows readers how life works. Life works by means of a few simple rules - play by the rules and you are sure to win.

Introducing readers to his positive outlook, Paradis says, “In the game of life, no one has to lose in order for you to win.  In fact, everyone wins when you do”.  This uniquely insightful statement gives readers a taste of what they’re in for with Success 101: a genuinely inspiring and uplifting book that shares with readers the rules they need to follow in order to have happy, successful, and enjoyable lives.

Paradis manages to convey life changing lessons very clearly, and presents them in such a way that following them and applying them to life is easy to do.  Paradis does not support the theory that stepping on others is the way to rise above; instead, he holds firm to the principle that life can be fun, meaningful, and beautiful all by itself, and putting positivity out into the Universe is an excellent way to get the same in return.

Readers are already raving about Paradis’ approach to challenges, saying “This fount of life wisdom is a benchmark book for any seeking to discover for themselves, or convey to another, how life works”.  These kinds of overwhelmingly positive reactions are right in step with the lessons Paradis shares in his book, ensuring that his wonderfully positive outlook has, indeed, worked for him; as an author of a life guide, there can be no better reaction than knowing that the positivity you’ve sent out with your writing has brought increasingly positive responses from those for whom your teachings have truly paid off.

Scott F. Paradis
After a thirty year career with America’s Army, Scott F. Paradis is focused on revealing the secrets of the ages, the mysteries of the Universe, and explaining how life really works.  Through his Success 101 Workshops, Scott helps people learn and leverage the fundamental principles of leadership and success.  His mission now is to help people choose wisely, so that they can succeed outrageously in life.

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