Friday, October 19, 2012

Shedding the Negative, Appreciating Your True Value and Thinking Yourself to a Better Life!

D.S. Neviaser’s ‘The Power of Perspective and the Gift of Gratitude’ is as inspirational as it is helpful, encouraging readers to embrace their True Self & know happiness through Inner unity

Voted Best of Category for Inspirational Books at the NABE 2012 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards!


“If you want to affectionately caress your higher self and get greater understanding, read this book!” Mark Victor Hansen, Co Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Author D.S. Neviaser wants to take readers to the next level and help them discover the difference between “living and existing, success and failure, and happiness or despair”, and he does just that in his book, The Power of Perspective and the Gift of Gratitude!

Highlighting for readers the true and visible difference that a positive attitude and a mindset of gratitude can make, Neviaser shows how to “think yourself a better life!” Neviaser points out that negative experiences and mindsets can hinder us in places even we don’t expect, affecting us throughout our lives and holding us back from truly discovering ourselves and our own happiness.

However, Neviaser also believes that “no negative or diminishing mindset is unchangeable”and he is out to prove it in this phenomenally inspirational and uplifting book. With powerfully moving and comprehensive quotes such as “It is one thing to finally grasp the value of something gone for good; it is another to fully appreciate the value of something, or someone, close at hand” and “Life is ten percent circumstance and ninety percent attitude and perspective. How is your view of today?” Neviaser moves his readers to find a more positive way of thinking and feeling to change their lives.

An absolutely outstanding book for anyone who is on a journey to change their mindset, change their attitude, or change their life entirely, The Power of Perspective will speak to readers from all walks of life with its message of self-love, positivity, and motivation. Well-written and easy to read, The Power of Perspective is full of illuminating quotes, making it a book that can be read cover-to-cover, or simply opened to a page to find a bit of inspiration.

Don Neviaser

                                                               D.S. Neviaser

D.S. Neviaser is a certified professional Life Coach as well as an author, utilizing both careers to help people connect with and appreciate their True Self, move beyond negative and restrictive mindsets, and walk their best life path. Though he has been writing most of his life, Neviaser has personal reasons for focusing on self-improvement, and thus has spent his life analyzing healthy interactions and the causes and motivations behind people’s reactions to life and each other.

In addition to The Power of Perspective and the Gift of Gratitude, he recently release another guide for readers entitled The Beauty that Life Is. i.e. “Love is a flame in one’s heart that gives life a warm glow”

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