Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Improving Morals to Improve Life

Author Karl Allen explores the concept of morality and encourages readers to apply the 120 virtues to their lives with 'The Golden Virtues of Jesus Christ’

In a world that growing increasingly negative and destructive, sometimes a return to the ways in which we are giving beings by nature can start us on a path towards a more fruitful and happier existence.  Author Karl Allen explores this concept in his book, The Golden Virtues of Jesus Christ.

A comprehensive list of 120 virtues that any person can achieve, The Golden Virtues of Jesus Christ is not only a book to be read, it is a guide for a way of life.  As the author states in his introduction, “We have the potential for positive and negative behavior in us; to both enhance each other’s lives as humans, and to do each other harm.  Virtues are the moral qualities we have predisposed in us to do each other good.”

Designed for readers who are looking to improve their quality of life and their relationships both to and with others, The Golden Virtues of Jesus Christ is written so that readers can identify which virtues they may be lacking and redesign their lives so that they are enhancing, rather than diminishing, those positive qualities.  

With negative examples of how to live our lives surrounding us every day, it can become difficult to remember that at our core, we are beings meant to improve the lives of those around us, as well as our own.  Allen explores virtues such as kindness, honesty, gentleness, courtesy, thoughtfulness, fairness, and justness in his book, examining each for both its meaning and the ways that applying them to daily life can strengthen bonds between people and improve relationships.

Ideal for readers who are on a journey of self-improvement that includes their inner life as well as their outer life, The Golden Virtues of Jesus Christ provides valuable insight into the things we have in each of us that the world needs to see in order to become a beautiful place for all who live in it.

Karl Allen

Karl Allen is a senior Psychology major with minors in Sociology and Philosophy.  In addition, he is also an un-ordained minister who has read the Bible from cover to cover, and is eager to help others improve their lives through its teachings.  


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Karl Allen

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