Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Collection of Poems that Explore the Human Experience

Leona Landry Thor’s ‘Poetry to Make Your Day Smile’ is as uplifting as it is inspiring

Leona Landry Thor gives readers something to feel joyful about with her collection of poems, Poetry to Make Your Day Smile.  Although the poetry is Christian-based, both Christians and non-Christians alike will find that the myriad emotions explored by Landry Thor are relatable, understandable, and emotionally uplifting.

Originally written as a self-help project for Landry Thor, these poems cover the range of emotions that are at the core of the human experience; from the ups to the downs and everything in between, Landry Thor gets it right every time.  

Each poem was written with a clear and particular emotion in mind, written as a way to reach out to readers through words and the power of faith.  Emotionally resonant and spiritually uplifting, Landry Thor’s prose will help readers to gain a firmer grasp on a better, more clear outlook through this inspiring poetry collection.

Landry Thor wrote to touch on each and every subject that had affected her life’s reasoning, and she felt that the simple, pure act of writing and creating helped her through the darkest times.  Hoping to share that experience with the world, she gathered together this book of poetry and made it available to readers of all ages, and truly, to readers of all faiths.

Although the poetry is Christian-based, readers from all backgrounds will find helpful guidance in Landry Thor’s words, and each poem will certainly help them through their own struggles, whatever they may be.  Poetry to Make Your Day Smile is an outstanding collection of poems that truly explore human emotion and the twists and turns of life, making it ideal for anyone who is on a journey, walking their own spiritual path.

Leona Landry Thor

Leona Landry Thor

Leona Landry Thor was born in Los Angeles, California.  She graduated Centennial High School in Compton, California, and likes to tell people she is from the South – South Los Angeles.  In addition to Poetry to Make Your Day Smile, she is also the author of Isadora Wrong: Who are You? and A Butterfly on the Moon: Faith is Your Power.  She lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband, Anthony, and their dog, Dee Dee.


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