Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Make Your Contacts Work for You


Les Garnas gives readers valuable and insightful networking tips in his book, ‘Business Networking Simplified’

Networking can mean the difference between success and failure; for most people, knowing how to network to their advantage is crucial.  In his new book, Business Networking Simplified (for the Internet Age), author Les Garnas shares his valuable insight on how to utilize networking to your greatest advantage.

Reaching out to others is the first step of networking, as Garnas points out.  Familiarizing yourself with others in your industry and asking for help with contacts is the number one way to get your face, and your business, recognized.  Using case studies and QR symbol shortcuts to the author’s views, this book highlights for readers the knowledge that will be the most beneficial to them in the long run: how to network.

In the current economy, many individuals are “starting over”; gaining a new education, leaving an old workplace for a new one, or even starting their own business.  Looking for ways to change and mold their futures, many people become stumped when their own efforts don’t get them to where they want to be.  Using Garnas’ advice and maximizing their networking skills, readers will find new ways to help themselves, their businesses, and their futures thrive and flourish.

Les Garnas has more than three decades worth of practical business experience, and is highly skilled in the art of helping others boost their self-esteem and motivation.  He lends this experience to Business Networking Simplified, increasing the potency of the advice and guides throughout the book.  A perfect read for anyone who is looking to increase their networking skills and use them to their highest advantage, Business Networking Simplified is not only an outline for business; it’s an outline for life.

Les Garnas

Les Garnas
Les Garnas has used his 35 years of business experience to coach both the successful and the young and eager to new business heights.  A strong believer in helping to build self-esteem in others, Garnas is highly skilled in the art of one-to-one motivation coaching.  His other book, How to Use People to Get What You Want and Still be a Nice Guy!, also deals with utilizing networking skills to readers’ advantages.  Les is passionate about helping people to understand and embrace the value of change, with an ever-constant focus on personal and professional growth and development.

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