Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An Incredible Example Set Forth by America’s Own

Retired Colonel Scott F. Paradis uses his book, ‘Warriors, Diplomats, Heroes’ to encourage readers to succeed by taking a page from the book of one of the most successful organizations in history: the U.S. Army.


As most students of success realize, looking to an organization for which success has been a standard can often be the key to achieving success on one’s own.  Scott F. Paradis, a now-retired Colonel of the U.S. Army, has collected and delivered the rules for the Army’s success to readers with his book, Warriors, Diplomats, Heroes: Why America’s Army Succeeds-Lessons for Business and Life.

Colonel Paradis’ own thirty year career with the United States Army serves as his inspiration for this book.  America’s Army is one of the most successful organizations in human history, and the main reason for that is the code by which American soldiers live and work: a code of honor, discipline, commitment, and courage.  Each soldier has a story, a tale of bravery and overcoming adversity.  Paradis points out that each tale, whether of an individual or an Army team, exemplifies the success and achievements of the Army collectively.

Colonel Paradis has assembled the key lessons in
Warriors, Diplomats, Heroes and shares them with others in hopes of helping them improve their own lives, whether in a business aspect, personal aspect, or life as a whole.  Paradis’ positive outlook and inspiring message are easily accessible through his clear, concise writing, and his drive to help others improve their own lives is as uplifting as it is genuine.

A teacher of workshops based around his platform of rules for success, Colonel Paradis has utilized the myriad skills he learned in the United States Army and applied them to his own life, and he now shares those rules with readers everywhere.  An absolute must-read for anyone wishing to further their own success,
Warriors, Diplomats, Heroes accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do: help readers apply the rules of success that have worked for the Army to their own circumstances, and find achievement and success through the exemplary model set by the brave men and women in the Armed Forces.

Scott F. Paradis

Scott Paradis

After a thirty year career with America’s Army, Scott F. Paradis is focused on revealing the secrets of the ages, the mysteries of the Universe, and explaining how life really works.  Through his Success 101 Workshops, Scott helps people learn and leverage the fundamental principles of leadership and success.  His mission now is to help people choose wisely, so that they can succeed outrageously in life.

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