Monday, October 1, 2012

Psychological Exploration of Rapists

David J. Holleman explores the mentality and inner psyche of rapists in his page-turning thriller, Blue Baja, through the character of Claudio, a psychopath better known as the “Pachuco” killer.   Holleman expertly guides readers through the mind of Claudio, from his troubling teenage years to being a full-fledged rapist and serial killer, whose thoughts, actions, and complete lack of regard for humanity haunt readers.

Claudio has a troubled youth, where he and his mother, Rosa, are secluded in a fortress-like mansion to protect them from the people who wish to do his drug lord father harm.  Eventually, he develops an incestuous relationship with Rosa, about which he initially feels guilty; however, he slowly comes to justify his actions by blaming her for everything that transpired between them; “Slowly the blame he placed on her turned to hatred, and as the hatred broadened he began to see all women as agents of Satan.”  Eventually his hatred for women intensifies until he is possessed by an all-consuming desperation to punish women and satisfy his craving for women like his mother.

Claudio is seeking a woman that represents Rosa and “Rosa was no whore”, making prostitutes an unacceptable solution.  He fails at attracting women who are not prostitutes, so he begins abducting women, ravaging them for days, and killing them.  Each woman satiates him only for a short time, when his cravings for sex and killing quickly urge him to seek out his next victim. Slowly, Claudio develops an exacting method for hunting, capturing, keeping, and killing his prey, motivated by a deep hatred for women, doing unspeakable things to them.

Claudio is a fictional exploration of the depraved mind of serial killers and rapists, illuminating the darkness of their psyche and their so-called “motivations.”  Holleman renders Claudio in an unforgettable manner that will leave readers stunned.

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