Monday, October 15, 2012

Riveting Exploration of the Human Mind

David J. Holleman’s Blue Baja is a riveting exploration of the human psyche, from the inner thoughts and motivations of rapists and those who take pleasure in killing to one man’s struggle with his identity as he attempts to process tragedy in his life.  Euthel Brewer, the novel’s flawed protagonist, is a successful doctor with a happy marriage, living the idyllic American life—until a call from the past sets a disastrous chain of events in motion.  He cannot emotionally process or deal with the great tragedy that befalls him as events spin out of control, sending him on a journey to lose himself, far away from his home in Louisiana, to become a heroin addict in Mexico.

Brewer becomes unrecognizable, a desperate addict who lives only for his next fix, withering away to nothing and becoming completely unkempt.  When he attempts to take his own life, one that held a great deal of promise at one time, he is saved by a kind woman who helps him through his recovery.  As she helps him to cut his hair and trim his whiskers, he sees himself in the mirror, realizing that the identity that he has assumed is one that he does not like; “ I think it was then that I truly turned a corner, as I did not like the portrayal in the glass.”  Brewer is left wondering; “Why was it that I always had to rely on a mirror to see myself?”

Holleman’s prowess for rendering characters and exploring the human psyche is profound, making his work resonate for many readers.  Blue Baja explores many facets of human nature in a compelling manner, adding layers of depth and intrigue to the page-turning and intricate plot.

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