Friday, October 5, 2012

An Imaginative Children’s Story that Carries an Important Message

Huguette Castaneda’s ‘Mariella’s Gifts from the Sea’ teaches young readers the importance of caring for the world around them and letting their imagination run free

Huguette Castaneda gives young readers an important lesson through her book, Mariella’s Gifts from the Sea.  Delivering the message of taking care of the planet we live on while providing an entertaining tale about a young girl named Mariella, Castaneda has succeeded in writing a children’s story that reaches farther than the page.

Mariella, a young girl, goes to the Gulf of Mexico to stay with her grandmother, whom she adores.  While there, she is taught the importance of recycling and looking out for the planet and the oceans.  Each day, Mariella visits the sea, and lets her imagination roam free with each new discovery she makes on the beach.  For example, one day she finds a beautiful, small violet pyramid while wandering around next to the sea.  When she gazes into it, she lets her imagination take her to a lush and vivid world, where the tiny pyramid acts as a key to the door that lets her enter a garden where she plays among the flowers and feels like a beautiful princess.

The best children’s stories are the ones that impart a lesson or example for young people, and in that, Castaneda has succeeded beautifully.  Teaching children the crucial step of recycling and taking care of the planet they live on through an exciting and unique story, Mariella’s Gifts from the Sea is certain to spark discussion between adults and children about the things they can do to make positive changes in the world around them.

Castaneda’s own imagination encourages those of young readers, passing along the message that not only is the Earth and its preservation important, each person on it is as well.  The bond between Mariella and her grandmother is wonderful, and children will enjoy the colorful and fun places that Mariella’s creative imagination takes her.

Huguette Castaneda

Huguette Castaneda is a ceremonial master with BA in Liberal Arts and AA in Special Education.  She loves to honor the sea, sky, nature, and the Earth.  After raising her two sons in Princeton, New Jersey, she now lives in Naples, Florida.  Her other published works include Autumn Leaves Dancing in the Wind.  

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