Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For Love of This Land: An Epic Saga of Adventure and Romance

Art Tirrell gives readers a sweeping tale of protecting what is precious in ‘The Wind from Entouhonoron’

Art Tirrell brings a rare gift to lovers of historical fiction: an engrossing, epic story that resonates with the current times as much as it does with the past.  The Wind from Entouhonoron is part adventure, part romance, and entirely moving.  Set during the War of 1812, readers are given a historical book marker as their way of relating to the characters and their tale, knowing that the time of the novel is set during a period of great change, unease, and moves toward a wide future for America.

Jake Eastland, abandoned by his father as a young boy and raised by the Widow Vincent on Lake Ontario, is surprised and less than happy when his errant father returns after fourteen years.  Telling Jake, “The land at Little Salmon was ours, until they wrote a paper and took it away”, Jake’s father attempts to persuade his son to search for sunken gold on the Ontare.

Reluctant to believe his father, but running out of options as people fight to claim the recently deceased Widow Vincent’s land for themselves, Jake must figure out if these are simply more drunken ramblings from a man who left his son behind, or if there really is a way to save the land he has grown up on.  It is not only Jake’s future at stake; many others love and depend on the land.  Without the gold, there may be no way to preserve it from the greedy and the wicked vultures who seek to claim it.

A sweeping tale that provides no limit of adventure, The Wind from Entouhonoron is vivid and rich, allowing the reader to sink into the depths of the characters and the changing world around them.  Tirrell’s masterful storytelling and knowledge of the land he writes about lend themselves to this saga that is not to be missed by lovers of historical fiction.

Art Tirrell

Art Tirrell is the author of The Vitamin Effect and The Secret Ever Keeps.  He is an entrepreneur and avid sailor, being the proud owner of “formerly owned things that float”.  He is also the owner, where he reports on events of interest to boaters, as well as being co-owner of  a retail store in Oswego, New York, that is now in it’s 38th year.  The Wind from Entouhonoron is his third novel, and a fourth is completed, it’s highly anticipated release projected for 2013.
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