Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Man, A River, and A Mystery

Brigitte Vogt’s memoir, ‘Shadows of the Nile’ will intrigue readers from the first page to the last, inspiring them to help her solve a mystery that changed her life

Brigitte Vogt’s fascinating memoir, Shadows of the Nile, is filled with mystery, intrigue, danger, and more than a few as-yet-unanswered questions.  Readers will be driven to find the answers that Vogt herself has long searched for, and in doing so, will be drawn into the strange and enigmatic world that the author has painted so clearly.

In 1996, the author, a well-traveled German-American business woman, embarked on a Nile vacation cruise.  Unaware of where it was going to lead her, she blissfully headed down the dark waters of that ancient river, hoping to explore the beauty of Egypt.  It was, however, only the beginning of a mystery that would consume nearly a decade of her life, as she becomes one half of a torturous long-distance relationship with a Nubian archaeologist-turned-tour-guide named Abdul.

Vogt’s compassion and desire to help out a desperate man slowly evolve into a passionate and dangerous love affair as she becomes involved with a powerful and threatening mafia that has an iron hold on Abdul, preventing their relationship from moving forward.  Eventually, Abdul’s tortured personality leads to stalking Vogt at her home and abruptly ending close relationships with those whom were tied to her Egyptian experience.  Yet, despite the turmoil, Vogt’s vivid and fascinating memories of her time in Egypt remain, a time when she viewed the ancient structures and culture through Abdul’s eyes, and witnessed a country that was on the verge of drastic and inevitable change.

The author’s reasons for writing Shadows of the Nile are as interesting as the story itself; hoping to find someone among her readership who may be able to help her answer the myriad questions she carries with her from that time, she detailed her experiences with the intent of writing a sequel.  Having made some progress since completing her memoir, readers will no doubt be on the edge of their seats waiting for the conclusion to this incredible story.

Brigitte Vogt
Vogt, born and raised in Germany, moved to the United States as a college student with the goal of perfecting her English.  Married and divorced in California, she eventually moved back to Germany for nine years with her two sons.  She worked for a U.S. subsidiary of a large French chemical company, her capacity as Director of International Business Development enabling her to travel extensively.  After early retirement, she moved to Arizona, where she continues to try and unravel the mysteries revealed in Shadows of the Nile.

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