Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome to the World of What Lies Beyond

William Blackwell gives readers a glimpse into the lives of paranormal investigators with the first of a three-part series, ‘Phantom Rage’


With the rise of interest in paranormal phenomenon has come a tide of movies and television shows that focus on those that do the research into spooky happenings.  Ghost Hunters, Supernatural, and Grave Encounters all follow the lives of those who look into the darkest corners for proof of “the other side”.  For fans of the investigation into things that go bump in the night, author William Blackwell brings a new series to the table: The Rage Trilogy.

The first installment, Phantom Rage, is a truly terrifying peek into the lives of those who search for the answers behind a haunting.  A ghost story that packs a real punch, Phantom Rage follows the brilliant paranormal investigator Kathleen Freeborne.  
Apart from her job, Kathleen is sure she leads a relatively normal life.  But when her team gets permission to investigate notoriously haunted King’s Playhouse Theatre on Prince Edward Island, everything she believes is about to be turned inside out.  Suffering a debilitating panic attack on the first morning of the investigation and believing that everyone she trusts is out to get her, Kathleen knows immediately that this investigation will be like no other.

The caretaker of the theatre seems to have lost his mind, ranting religious incoherencies.  Shortly after they remove him from the building, Kathleen’s team encounters a bloody and beaten apparition who chillingly warns them about “the chosen one”.  The town’s residents grow increasingly odd, and a series of strange murders begins to take place.  

A frighteningly realistic aspect to the typical “haunted house” story, Blackwell's own research for the book included spending time with actual paranormal investigators.  Using his own interest in the beyond as a backdrop for his phenomenal new series, author Blackwell has given fans of horror something to really love.  

William Blackwell
William Blackwell studied journalism at Calgary’s Mount Royal University and English Literature at Vancouver’s University of British Columbia.  He worked as a print journalist for many years before becoming an author.  William’s interest in the paranormal inspired The Rage Trilogy; his research involved visits, accompanied by paranormal investigators, to actual haunted locations.  Blackwell lives on Prince Edward Island, preferring to spend his time writing and exploring his love of travel.
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