Monday, October 15, 2012

Welcome to the World of What Lies Beyond

William McNally gives lovers of thrills some well-written chills with ‘Four Corners Dark’

With the rise of interest in the supernatural, more and more readers are finding their way to that which examines what lies beyond what we can see.  William McNally’s Four Corners Dark is a phenomenal book for anyone whose curiosity leans toward the macabre and the mysterious.

A collection of four spine-tingling short stories, Four Corners Dark explores the very limits of human imagination and reality.  “Engine Eighteen” is the dark tale of a small group of Mexican immigrants who learn that the price to cross the border and leave their old lives behind is far higher than they ever imagined.

“The Spinning Wheel” tells of a man who receives one chance to change fate, but only after a series of bizarre steps.  “Return to Nowhere” gives readers the spine-tingling creation of an extraordinary man gifted with the ability to relive his life over and over, escaping his past each time.  “Raven Mocker”, the book’s masterful novella, introduces readers to a couple who unwittingly stumble upon the twisted and terrifying force along the thin line between life and death. 

Each tale in Four Corners Dark is more chilling than the last, and readers will love the thrilling ride presented by each as they tear through this nail-bitingly frightening book. 

Movies such as The Raven and Paranormal Activity 4 are set to dominate theaters this fall, and many readers will be searching for ways to keep those chills going after they’ve left the cinema.  For those readers, Four Corners Dark is the perfect solution for more terrifying stories about that which cannot be explained.

William McNally


Author William McNally is currently working on his next book, Beneath the Veil. A lover of all things horror and science fiction, he reads and watches everything he can get his hands on.  He lives in Dahlonega, Georgia with his wife, Lily, and their four rescue dogs.  The Kindle version of Four Corners Dark will be available for free on Amazon from October 27th through October 31st

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