Monday, October 8, 2012

Musician Plays Life & Writes About It

Jazz musician Sue Terry compiles her most fascinating essays in her book, ‘For the Curious’

‘Sweet’ Sue Terry, a jazz musician and world traveler, compiles her life’s most interesting experiences and observations in one impressive book, For the Curious.  An inspiring and enlivening book that will surely prompt readers to embark on more than a few adventures of their own, Terry’s stories are unique, fun, and well-told in this compilation of essays.

With tales about consorting with shamans in Peru, walking over hot coals in New Mexico, and hiking to remote glaciers in Alaska, Terry’s observations of life and the world in general are witty, classic, and full of the energy she brings to each and every outrageous thing she does.  But this is not a mere collection of adventure tales--she also weighs in on weighty topics such as Chaos Theory, the game of chess, advice to the latest 12-year-old YouTube sensation, and a Philippine murder spree incited by bad karaoke singers.

Terry’s essays originally began as a project, sending newsletters each Monday to her website subscribers.  Writing about subjects that she was personally interested in, Terry devoted one full year to the project before announcing she was ending it to begin work on a new project.  With her readers desperately wanting more, she chose to collect the essays together in one volume “for the curious” and the results are outstanding.

Readers are loving her wild stories, calling Terry a “one-woman Whole Earth Review” and touting For the Curious as a “complete slice-of-life meditation…that will illuminate your thinking”.  Terry’s experiences as a jazz musician performing worldwide have given her a perspective into the minds of her audience.  National Public Radio calls her "a remarkable storyteller", as seen in this phenomenal collection that not only explains life, but also expands it with her one-of-a-kind outlook.

A riveting compilation of extraordinary tales,  For the Curious is ideal for readers who enjoy their Life Perspective served with a nice helping of wit and sass on the side. 

Sue Terry

'Sweet’ Sue Terry has been writing stories as long as she’s been playing music. Beginning her professional playing career at the age of sixteen, she has played and recorded with a variety of notable jazz artists in addition to her own group. Her previous highly-acclaimed non-fiction title is Greatest Hits of The Blog that Ate Brooklyn: Inside the Mind of a Musician.

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