Monday, October 22, 2012

The Future is in Their Hands

F.T.G. Thornton gives humanity a strange and exciting fate
in his new novel, ‘Foothold’


F.T.G. Thornton gives lovers of science fiction and fantasy something to be thrilled about with his new novel, Foothold.  A futuristic sci-fi thriller with heavy fantasy elements that also seamlessly weaves together the underlying current issues of today’s world, Foothold is a complex and exciting book that will have readers furiously turning pages until they reach the end.

Foothold is set in a time not too far from now.  A New Hampshire university is at the center of two great discoveries; one that could ruin the world, and one that could save it.  The two main contenders are Hugh, a young inventor, and Jarvis Haynes, his academic rival.  When the unthinkable happens because of an apocalyptic flaw in Jarvis’ discovery, the citizens of the town must move to another place in our galaxy, reclaiming the lives they left behind and starting from scratch, using Hugh’s ingenious creation to do so.

However, all is not saved when, because of their presence on a new world, a creature begins to threaten their very lives – a creature they unwittingly created.  Defense is impossible, and they must relocate, once again, to rebuild and restart.  The last foothold of Earth that was lost begins to realize that no matter where they go, the comfort they knew on Earth can never be recaptured.  Threats once again appear, and it is up to Hugh to save the remains of what was once a thriving civilization.

Foothold takes readers worlds away from their own with its vivid imagery and unique premise.  Science and belief systems are side-by-side, helping what is left of humanity fight to survive as ever-increasing danger surrounds them.  F.T.G. Thornton’s novel will have lovers of science fiction clamoring for more, thrilled to the last page with its twists, turns, and image of a believable future.

F.T.G. Thornton

F.T.G. Thornton was born in Princeton, New Jersey, and raised in nearby West Windsor Township.  He has spent his adult life exploring the country by living in Virginia, Georgia, and now Los Angeles, California.  He spent five years as a stand up comic and makes his living in Real Estate and Investment and Business Development training.  He is responsible for the popular internet personality “Pope Fred” and can be followed on Pope Fred’s Twitter account.  

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