Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In the Eye of the Storm

T. Orrin brings his brilliant online StormVerse to the page with ‘Finding North’

T.Orrin’s Finding North is readers’ introduction to Orrin’s online world, the StormVerse.  Through the eyes of the main character, readers will meet ‘Storm’, the basis for Orrin’s increasingly popular story site, an online phenomenon that has seen leaps and bounds in its popularity since Orrin first began writing pieces of the Storm stories.

Finding North is the story of young Corey Caines, an orphan who, although he is thoughtful, gentle, and kind, is abused terribly by his peers.  Needing guidance and longing for a friend, his wishes are granted when he meets Daniel ‘Storm’ Marcus, a mysterious stranger who defends him.  With Storm’s help, Corey searches out his own ‘North’, finding the direction he longs to go, and along the way, helps someone else find there.

A rich and inviting world, the StormVerse was created online by author Orrin and consists of three main chronicles: Storm Front, Tempest Fore, and Maelstrom.  Each chronicle contains five seasons which are broken up into chapters.  With vivid imagery and spectacular character development, Orrin has created an entire universe that is both beautiful and lively, populated by strange, intriguing people and bizarre circumstances.  Readers across the globe have found themselves drawn into the StormVerse, and popular reception prompted Orrin to take his ‘verse to the next level: a book.

Finding North allows first-time visitors to the StormVerse to meet Daniel ‘Storm’ through the eyes of the timid Corey, allowing them to form their own attachments to Storm and his unique life.  Returning fans eager for more Storm will equally enjoy the novel, as it allows them to experience the world that Orrin has dreamed up from a different and new point of view.

Finding North is the first installment of Orrin’s anthology of the Storm Front interludes.

T. Orrin

Ty Orrin, creator of the StormVerse, has always wanted to create.  Longing to invent worlds where escape was possible, and injustices could be righted, the StormVerse came into being.  Originally an online story site, the StormVerse quickly became popular, with overwhelmingly positive reader feedback.  Orrin wrote Finding North as the first installment of the Storm Front interludes.  Coming soon is Storm Front: It Started on a Bus.

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