Saturday, October 6, 2012

An Enthralling Addition to the Fantasy Genre

New author Asher Tensei gives readers the adventure of a lifetime with his debut novel, ‘Mana’

First-time author Asher Tensei treats readers to a vivid new world in his stunning debut novel, Mana.  
Mana is the story of Eurich, a young man with a seemingly ill-fated destiny thrust upon him.  He has recently learned that he possesses a legendary magic, one that may be able to save all of mankind from a horrible future – if he chooses to use it.

Eurich lives in a world where Earth is on a seemingly imminent collision course with Chaos, due to a weakening barrier between Earth and another world that has been hidden for millennia.  This barrier is causing Eurich’s universe to turn upside down.  New moons have appeared in the sky.  Panic is rippling through every member of the human race, and Eurich is the only one who has the power to fix what has gone horribly wrong.

Eurich’s closest friends, Jason and Raine, are doing their best to help him, but what Eurich needs isn’t help – it’s a way through the barrier.  He and he alone must determine if humanity is worth saving, and if he is willing to risk his life to do so.  Saving the world always begins with a single choice, but it’s one that Eurich may not be ready to make.

Readers are raving about Mana, calling it “outstanding” and “a gripping story.”  With a following of fans that are eagerly anticipating the next look in to Tensei’s fascinating new world, Mana will undoubtedly leave readers wanting more.  Brilliantly written, with imaginative prose and characters that leap off of the page, this debut novel is not to be missed.

Asher Tensei
Asher Tensei has two main passions in life: writing, and helping others to realize their own potential.  Combining these two loves in his first novel, Mana, Tensei is currently working out the details of his next book.  Tensei enjoys helping people “break the mold”, and is a great lover of the fantasy genre.  He can be contacted at .

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