Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Message of Hope in the Story of a Man who had None

Amazon best-selling author Roxana Jones’ incredibly uplifting story of what really counts, ‘The Dead Still Want to Live’, is available November 1st.

Amazon best-selling author Roxana Jones brings readers the second installment of her “While I Was Learning to Become God” trilogy, The Dead Still Want To Live.  Once again exploring the deepest layers of what it means to be human, Jones takes readers to an in-between place in this second part of her trilogy, available worldwide on November first.

The Dead Still Want tTo Live is the story of Sebastián Obregón, a multi-millionaire who dies in a tragic and devastating plane crash at the age of fifty-two.  Stuck in limbo and unable to move on because of his earthly addictions, Sebastián is confronted with the truth of the Universe: all of his wealth and success means nothing on the other side; it is what he did (or didn’t do) that truly matters now.  Unable to go back and unable to move on, Sebastián must now learn the laws he neglected during his time on Earth; love, and forgiveness.

A startlingly moving book with a message of love, The Dead Still Want To Live is a fascinating story, woven throughout with themes of forgiveness, transcendence, and the little things that count.  Roxana Jones has a gift for storytelling that will draw the reader in to the vivid and enchanting world where life lessons are only a sentence away.  Beautifully written and powerfully poetic, The Dead Still Want To Live is a perfect book for anyone who is on their own journey through life, looking for any answer to what it all might mean.

Roxana Jones

While she was searching for the meaning of self-love, Anthropologist, Master of Political Science, and Master of International Relations, Roxana Jones, embarked on a journey of inner discovery and miraculous healing. Award-Winner and Amazon Best-Selling Author of “While I Was Learning To Become God”, Roxana was born in Cartagena, Colombia, and lives between San Francisco and London. She is currently dedicated to the promotion of her second book The Dead Still Want To Live at the same time that she continues to inspire readers and clients of her new HealThruWords© coaching services on their paths towards a purposeful and abundant life.

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