Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nature’s Formula for Success

In His Book, ‘Nature’s Formula’, Robert Lehman Outlines a Formula for Success

Nature's Forumla or How the World Works

Before writing Nature’s Formula, author Robert Lehman asked himself two questions that most humans have asked at some time or another: why some people in society succeed, despite obvious impediments, while others fail miserably, despite obvious advantages.  Lehman warns that there are three stages to accepting any new idea, his included: (1) “the author is crazy”, (2) “well, maybe”, (3) “I knew it all the time”.  

Stage One is easily met when he offers Nature’s Formula, “First, decide for yourself (and, by extension, don’t make decisions for others). Second, don’t eat your own species.  What follows is an extraordinarily simple explanation of just what this means and how readers can use Nature’s Formula to start succeeding.

Lehman asserts that all of nature’s behavioral guidelines are guided by two major forces, from which all other behavioral guidelines are derived: PIC Persuasion, Inducement, and Cooperation and DIF Deception, Intimidation, and Force.  In Nature’s Formula, he offers a formula for flourishing in life and in business by proceeding along fundamental precepts found everywhere in nature.

Lehman teachers readers how to create PIC relationships and PIC situations in everyday life, which generate the kind of positive compound interest that will nurture the evolution of a PIC world.  Through these lessons, readers are able to govern themselves by those laws that guide the human species, PIC, not the laws that govern animal species, DIF.  As a result, readers walk away with a winning formula to “Avoid Deception, Self-Deception—PersuadeTM”.

Dr. Robert Lehman
Dr. Lehman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.  He is currently working as a real estate developer in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.


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