Monday, November 12, 2012

Trusting in God’s Plan

Jason Whitney’s ‘The Seed’ is a brightly inspiring children’s book that carries an important message for adult readers, as well.

The Seed chronicles the journey of a young seed’s journey to maturity.  Author Jason Whitney draws upon his own life and experiences to chronicle this children’s story about a tiny seed that has a big purpose.

The Seed’s colorful illustrations done in a simplistically bold style by Nessa Dee, give a bright visual to the story, making it easy for young readers to enjoy.  The tale, itself, is that of a small seed, blown out of a tree by a great wind and landing in a mighty, twisting river.  The seed ends up on a bank of the river, waiting patiently in the mud of the land for its next step.  A traveler, weary from walking, comes upon the river, and falls to his knees, thanking God for the chance to rest near the river.  As he walks away, the seed is attached to the bottom of his shoe.  Many, many miles away, the seed falls off of the traveler’s shoe and eventually grows into a tuft of grass, which is then used to line the crib of the baby Jesus.

This allegorical tale outlines for children the importance of trusting in God’s plan.  Though some things may take time to come to fruition, God has a plan for everyone and everything.  The book is interwoven with deeper themes of struggling through adversity, in the form of the rushing river, and being malleable in the plan of God, never knowing where it might take you.

Both children and adults can enjoy this simple and lovely story, seeing in it the powerful and inspiring message for all.  Children will delight in the colorful pictures and rhyming story, while grown readers will appreciate the meaning behind the story as well as the lesson it teaches young minds.  

Jason Whitney

Jason Whitney was born premature with multiple medical complications, making him a fighter who has always wanted to prove he could do what others said he couldn't do. Despite his medical issues and discovering he was dyslexic at a young age, he has done just that in his 41 years. 

Whitney feels that he was born for a specific purpose and although he has many outstanding accomplishments he is still on the hunt for how he can help do God’s work. He is “thankful” for all of God's blessings...his beautiful wife, four incredible kids, family, friends, house, job, and trials because they help one grow. He spends his spare time, when he has it, with his family, coaching his 2 youngest girls’ soccer teams, volunteering at his church, and giving back to his community of Beaumont, Texas.


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