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A Series Made for Mystery Lovers

L.A. Noble’s ‘Max and Michelle Mystery Novels are both fun and engaging, taking readers on a wild ride through twist after twist.


Author L.A. Noble’s Max and Michelle Mystery Novels give lovers of suspense something to really sink their teeth into.  With quirky, charming, and intellectual crime-solving heroes Max and Michelle, Noble explores the dark secrets of small-town life.

In About Time Already, Noble holds nothing back.  A young woman named Jenny has returned to her hometown of New Attica, Illinois, after news that her mother has been in a terrible car accident.  Reluctant to return to her past, Jenny in nonetheless swept up in the horrible misdeeds of a prominent town family, putting her life and freedom in danger.  When she discovers she is being framed for a violent murder, Jenny calls her friends, Max and Michelle, to help her solve the crime and clear her name.  As Max and Michelle uncover the twisted skeletons in the closets of the family framing Jenny, they also have to acknowledge their growing attraction to one another.

Noble’s other Max and Michelle novel, Built to Order, centers around two identical twins, and a murder that will change one’s life forever.  Amber and Brandy may look the same, but they couldn’t be more different.  Amber is responsible and forthright, while Brandy’s dangerous lifestyle and penchant for seducing the wrong people puts her in harm’s way more than once.  When one of the twins is found dead, Max and Michelle are called in to investigate and put to rest the mystery surrounding her death.  As the search for the killer, they must also re-assess their ever-evolving relationship, taking them down a romantic road as well as a deadly one.

Perfect for lovers of mystery novels, the Max and Michelle Mystery Series is engaging, fun, and witty, with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers guessing until the end.  The characters are vivid and entertaining, making each novel more fun than the last.

L.A. Noble  
Author L.A. Noble grew up in Iowa, proud to be a member of one of the many farming families in the area.  After graduating from Illinois State University with degrees in Mathematics and Psychology, Noble concentrated on raising two children and working on novels.  About Time Already, one of the two books in Noble’s Max and Michelle Mystery Series, won Honorable Mention in the 2010 Los Angeles Book Festival mystery category.
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