Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Powerful, Inspiring Story that will Move Readers to Achieve their own Dreams

Bryan Kraft’s “The ‘Hammer Time’ Touchdown” is a tale of overcoming loss and facing life’s odds to become someone great

Author Bryan Kraft offers readers a story of resilience, pride, and defeating the odds in his book, The “Hammer Time” Touchdown.  Both powerfully moving and strikingly poignant, The “Hammer Time” Touchdown is an inspiring story that anyone who has ever faced hardship will relate to and appreciate.

Hammer Risten is on the verge of glory, a young man with a gift on the football field.  Considered a hero in his small town, he’s well on his way to a bright and successful future when his world comes crashing down in nearly an instant.  After a knee injury renders him unable to play football for a time, Hammer sees the girl he loves kissing another guy.  Making these misfortunes seem miniscule in comparison, he then loses his father and must leave school to work on his family’s farm.

Jaded by the hand that he has been dealt, Hammer soon loses his reputation as town hero, and instead becomes known as being cocky and arrogant.  Struggling to keep his head above water, Hammer jumps at the opportunity to re-enroll in high school and reclaim his true self, “Humble Hammer”.  The town he lives in encourages him to become who he truly is inside, and as he takes his place on his beloved football field, the clock counts down to his life’s greatest achievement.  As the crowd chants his name and he feels his elation soar over the crowd, the coach calls for the same play from Hammer that caused his injury in the first place.  Unwilling to lose his chance to be great, Hammer readies himself to make the play of a lifetime.

An inspiring story that challenges readers to imagine their own actions in the face of incredible odds, The “Hammer Time” Touchdown is a wonderfully touching story.  Adversity is a familiar foe to many, and readers will find comfort in Hammer’s resilience and inspiration in his ability to overcome his struggles to embrace who he truly is inside.  

Bryan Kraft

Bryan Kraft is no stranger to odds, as an injury in his senior year of high school left him unable to play football, a sport he both loved and excelled at.  He wrote The “Hammer Time” Touchdown to celebrate the sport and those who play it, and to work through his own experience to inspire others to do the same.


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