Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Taking Pleasure In Crime

In his riveting thriller, Blue Baja, David J. Holleman provides a compelling psychological exploration of the criminal mind, revealing the sadistic nature of killers and rapists, who take pleasure in crime and find pride and satisfaction in their work.  Through the fictional characters of JoJo Comeaux, Claudio Huerta, and Clabe Joe Jackson, Holleman provides readers with biographies that are filled, not with remorse, but with pride.

JoJo Comeaux is a mob enforcer who makes his killings a “piece of art, painted without remorse or feeling.”  He is so dedicated to his craft that he travels to Israel to learn the martial arts of Krav Maga and Chicago to learn Mowie Di Do, honing his skills and perfecting his art.  Jojo takes great pride in the skill involved in and sadistic nature of his killings, garnering himself a reputation for murder that is noted not only within his own organization, but by mob bosses throughout the country.  His first job for the mob is enforcing his boss’ rule over Clabe Joe Jackson and his gang, who are arrogant in their pursuits and boastful about their abilities to evade arrest.

As Claudio Huerta progresses from random attacks on women to planned and skillfully executed murders and rapes, he begins “making it a game,” stalking them during daylight hours until he eventually captures them.  After he brutally ravages them for days and murders them, he is satiated for a short time, but after a shower and meal, the “itch” takes over him again, delighting in it as he feels it creeping over him.

Each criminal illuminates a different kind of satisfaction in his work and exposes the nature of the criminal mind, giving readers perspective on the killers who pervade our headlines, mystifying viewers as to what has possessed them and how they can treat other humans in such a deplorable manner.  

Holleman deftly explores the criminal mind in its entirety, from its formation and motivation, to its prideful and sadistic nature.  Blue Baja is a stunning work that gives readers great insight into the psychology of killers and leaves them at the edges of their seats as they move through this compelling novel.

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