Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Chilling Thriller that Explores the Deepest Corners of the Mind

Author Judith Thomas delivers thrills, mystery, and plenty of suspense in her debut novel, ‘House of Cobwebs’

Author Judith Thomas takes readers deep into the darkest corners of the human mind with her first novel, House of Cobwebs.  A combination crime and psychological thriller with heavy supernatural elements, House of Cobwebs is a twisted tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the startling conclusion.

Eleven year old Neema Harris has been through a horrifying trauma: during the night, her entire family was brutally murdered.  Now, poor Neema is practically comatose with shock – at least, that’s what she’d like everyone to believe.  Neema is a secret psychopath, blessed with the peculiar ability to enter people’s minds with her own and discover their deepest, most hidden secrets.

Detective Inspector Len Axton is assigned to the case.  Jaded and critical, he prefers things that are rooted in fact.  However, frustrated with Neema’s silence, he calls in paranormal child psychologist Dr. Winter Fremont, hoping that she can shed some light on the puzzling circumstances that surround Neema.  Dr. Fremont, however, has some dark secrets of her own, and when Neema discovers them, she finds herself haunted by both her past and the strange child she has been asked to help.

Closer than ever to the real killer, Dr. Fremont and Detective Axton must use their own skills to unlock Neema’s gifts and fight their swiftly growing feelings for each other.  Dr. Fremont must face her own demons, and Axton must accept the possibility of psychic phenomena as he is about to have several experiences that will change him forever.

An ideal read for lovers of both supernatural and crime genres, House of Cobwebs packs a serious punch, providing plenty of nail-biting, heart-pounding twists along the way.  Readers are raving about this thriller, calling it “eerie”, “gripping”, and “a real page turner”.  

Judith Thomas

Judith Thomas is an avid lover of both the horror and supernatural genres, as well as being a fan of a good murder mystery.  She counts Stephen King as one of her literary heroes.  A love of reading prompted her to write a book of her own, and the result was the phenomenal House of Cobwebs.  She is looking forward to penning more novels in the future.

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