Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Short Story Collection That Will Have Readers Checking Under The Bed

Brian Etheridge’s ‘Scared Out of My Shorts’ is an eerie collection of fun and frightening short stories

Superior storyteller Brian Etheridge takes readers to the farthest limits of their imaginations with Scared Out of My Shorts: A Collection of 11 Wicked Tales.  A handful of short stories that will both scare and delight readers, Scared Out of My Shorts is illustrated by Joshua Crenshaw, and is an enjoyable read for anyone that likes to be frightened.

The spooky and suspenseful tales cover the entire spectrum of the horror lover’s imagination: a murderer comes face to face with what karma is about to do with him, a man in a difficult situation must determine, and then execute, the right thing for his family, and a police officer experiences some very strange occurrences in his last few days on the job.

Readers are raving over this collection, calling it “chilling” and fondly comparing it to “the suspense and strange endings…provided in the Twilight Zone series decades ago”.  Scared Out of My Shorts is being touted for covering “a perfect combination of emotions”, with all of the essentials a great short story collection should offer.  Suspense, fright, paranoia, and panic are superbly written, as readers are drawn into the stories from the first page.

Readers who are fans of the short story format will find themselves delighted with this small but notable collection, as author Brian Etheridge’s gift of description shines through each brief glimpse into the character’s lives.  Available now, Scared Out of My Shorts will have readers furiously turning pages In edge-of-their-seat excitement, and will leave them eager for more of these wickedly fun tales.  

Brian Etheridge

A lover of words who began writing short stories in the second grade, Brian Etheridge gleans most of his story ideas from conversations with family and friends.  He enjoys the succinctness of the short story and the richness of novels, both of which he has written.  Brian manages technology teams for a multinational mining company, and develops educational games for the iPad platform in his spare time.  Brian is an avid fan of American football, and relishes his time spent with his wife and three children.

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Brian Etheridge

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