Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In Awe of Nature

Evelyn and Lyndon Pugh’s ‘Paintings and Poems’ displays the individual experience of each as they experience the beauty of nature through both watercolor and word.

Husband and wife team Lyndon and Evelyn Pugh explore their love of nature in all of her forms in their beautiful collection, Paintings and Poems.  Using imagery from Lyndon’s moving poems, Evelyn showcases key elements of each in her vivid and striking watercolors.

Examining and relating their love of the world around them to the page, Evelyn and Lyndon display both the lovely and the dark aspects of nature.  Writing about a graveyard and the bones buried there, Lyndon expresses the cycle of life and the ways in which we are given back to the Earth after our deaths, as Evelyn’s dark painting represents both the trees and the people who move through them.  A sense of silence and respect is clear through both the paintings and the poetry, as the artists’ awe of the nature they observe shines clearly through each piece.

Each poem in the book is chosen and placed carefully into the pages, moving from the dark and lonely sides of nature, through the human experience of it, and over the entire spectrum of the beauty that surrounds us.  The poetry is profound and thoughtful, and the reader gets the sense that not a comma is out of place, each considered before the work was considered complete.  Evelyn’s freedom with her watercolor brush and her choice of representation of each poem is interesting, as vivid grays and blues light up a poem about the Badlands, or heavy vertical lines of black impress upon the reader the feeling of being in a deep wood.

An enjoyable book for any lover of either art or poetry, Paintings and Poems is elliptical, engrossing, and beautiful, allowing the reader to feel as though they are standing in the center of the nature that the authors love so well.  

Evelyn Pugh

Evelyn Pugh uses the medium of watercolor to express her love of nature.  Her original works can be seen in the collaborative volume with her husband, Lyndon, Paintings and Poems, or viewed on her website.  A retired academic librarian, she is now based in Brecon, Powys, Wales.

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Lyndon Pugh

Lyndon Pugh’s poems reflect his interest in Welsh culture, history, and landscape.  Now retired, Lyndon worked in various capacities in several higher education institutions.  He also has experience as a lecturer, researcher, and writer in management studies.  

Paintings and Poems was written to express both artist’s awe of nature, as well as highlight both authors in their respective talents.

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Lyndon Pugh

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