Monday, November 19, 2012

A Unique Historical Romance with Plenty of Intrigue

M.B. Nasdeo’s ‘Pharaoh’s Lightning’ is a phenomenal combination of history, mystery, and romance that will have readers hooked from the first page.

Author M. B. Nasdeo has crafted a true masterpiece with her book, Pharaoh’s Lightning.  Weaving equal parts history, romance, and mystery into one phenomenal tale, readers will be enthralled from the first paragraph, furiously turning pages to follow the twists and turns to the thrilling end.

Kelly, a young photojournalist, has been given a particularly strange assignment: capture the image of King Tut on film.  It appears that the “Boy King” has grown weary of being alone in the afterlife, and has returned to the world to search for his concubine, Resha.  Only eighteen when he died, with the details of his death shrouded in mystery even today, Tutankhamen’s reappearance is both startling and terrifying to most.

Not to Kelly, however.  Determined to complete her assignment, she begins to see King Tut when she is alone, as he appears and fades away right before her eyes.  His attention seems to sharpen on Kelly, sending her on a search for answers.  When she discovers that she looks exactly like Tut’s beloved concubine, Resha, she begins to wonder if she is, in fact, the reincarnation of the Boy King’s lover.  Faced with a decision of epic proportions, Kelly must decide whether or not she will return with Tut to ancient Egypt, leaving behind everything she knows for the possibility of a love that has spanned more than a few lifetimes and was powerful enough to defy even death.

M.B. Nasdeo draws the reader in instantly with her vivid prose and detail to both ancient and present-day Egypt.  Already being touted as “a delightfully suspenseful tale” that is “a true page-turner”, Pharaoh’s Lightning is available now, on Kindle, Nook, and in paperback.  

M. B. Nasdeo

M.B. Nasdeo was born in raised in New Jersey, where she still lives with her husband Kevin, sons Alex and Zach, and their pets, a dog named Max and a cat named Yowser.  A born storyteller, she and her friends would create elaborate tales as young girls, until finally, M.B. decided to try her hand at putting them on paper.  Between family and a full-time job, finding time to write was a challenge, and the results are fantastic.  Pharaoh’s Lightning is her first book.

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