Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Inspiring Gift for Those You Love

Janice Hale-Harris tells a beautifully moving story and introduces a new way to stay in touch with ‘Hand in Hand’

Janice Hale-Harris offers readers of all ages a compelling story and inspiring concept in her new book, Hand in Hand.  It’s equal parts story and journaling concept is aimed at keeping friends and family close at heart even if they are miles apart in life. Hand in Hand combines a beautifully moving story with an innovative idea for physically staying in touch with those you love.

Hand in Hand tells the story of four young women, each eager to take on the world.  The girls grow together, learning to embrace friendship, life and each other. As they discover the world, they come face to face with loss and must learn to work through it alone and together. The girls embark on a life change with Nana Rose, the grandmother of one of the girls, which leads them to begin a movement of love that quickly spreads among their peers and classmates. The crusade takes on a life of its own and becomes a worldwide phenomenon.  

The journal, the second piece of Hand in Hand, allows readers to experience the movement through tracing their hands onto its pages and sharing these tracings with friends and family, making troubles seem easier and distances seem shorter.  A beautiful way to share with a friend that you’re thinking of them, pray with a family member, or strengthen the bonds that we all have between us, the Hand in Hand journal is a perfect gift for someone that readers love.

Whether a friend is moving away, a family member going off to college, or someone far away just needs a friend, Hand in Hand will remind them that they are not alone.  Readers will love the story and the option to share that love with people they know, making Hand in Hand a perfect book to pass around in a circle of family or friends.

Janice Hale Harris

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Janice Hale Harris attended Syracuse University and graduated with a BS degree in Broadcast Journalism.  In addition, she holds an MBA from Texas Women’s University and is also a certified International Spiritual Director.  Janice currently lives and works in Houston, Texas, and has been connecting to others for the past decade through her personal Hand Journal.

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