Monday, November 26, 2012

A Thrilling Magical Adventure that will Inspire and Delight Young Readers

Don Bosco’s ‘The Peranakan Princess’ is the brilliant installment of his fantastic Sherlock Hong series.

Author Don Bosco once again delights young readers with the second installment of his Sherlock Hong series, The Peranakan Princess.  A mystical adventure series that has been likened to a “mash-up of Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter”, Bosco’s imaginative young detective is certain to appeal to readers of all ages.

It’s 1891, and Sherlock Hong is fifteen years old.  Living in Singapore after being expelled from his last school for using magic and studying alchemy, he’s only trying to keep to himself, work on his studies, and stay out of trouble.  But all of those well-meaning plans are about to go out the window when he learns of a plot to kidnap a young lady with very special abilities.

Still eager to prove himself to the International Order of Young Seekers, Sherlock is swept up in a wild adventure that leads him all the way into the beautiful and enchanted forests of Malacca, where he stumbles upon a very interesting Peranakan tale about the beautiful Princess Hang Li Poh and her very coveted Book of Secrets.  Once again, it’s up to young Sherlock to save the day (and the girl), but will he be able to do so in time?  Readers will tear through the pages of this whimsical adventure to find out!

Bosco’s Sherlock Hong series centers on a young man who wants to be an alchemist, and has a very particular skill that makes him a gifted detective as well.  His adventures are magical, intriguing, witty, and creative, and younger readers will absolutely adore this foray into Singapore with the inquisitive Sherlock Hong to lead the way.

Don Bosco

Don Bosco describes himself as “geeky, cheeky, and magicky”.  His works include the Sherlock Hong series and the Time Talisman series.  Aiming to inspire and delight young readers, Don Bosco’s books are full of fun, adventure, and magic, set in the extraordinary beauty of Asia.  He lives in Singapore with his wife and two sons.

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